Xiaomi launches new brand identity system! Announced the launch of a 10-year US$10 billion car manufacturing plan

On the second day of the Xiaomi 2021 Spring Conference, Xiaomi announced the Xiaomi MIX FOLD folding screen phone and the self-researched Punch C1 video chip, as well as a number of AIoT eco-products such as the Mijia New Air Conditioner Premium Edition, Mijia Sweeper and Mopping Robot Pro, and Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier Pro. At the same time, Xiaomi announced the launch of its new brand identity system to coincide with the 10th anniversary of its founding, and the establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary to invest in the smart electric vehicle industry for 10 years and US$10 billion.

New Brand Identity

Xiaomi”s new brand identity system is based on the idea of “Alive” and combines a sense of life and technology with an oriental philosophy, and invites Japanese designer and Musashino Art University professor Kenya Hara to design a new version of the Xiaomi logo, name text appearance, and dynamic icons. The Xiaomi logo adopts a new “super oval” shape to replace the old square shape, and uses orange as the brand color, with black and silver as secondary colors, conveying a young, vibrant image and high-tech sense.

Xiaomi also adopts a new dynamic logo for the first time. The new logo is not fixed on the four corners of the screen or device, but positioned in the most appropriate place according to the changing environment, overturning the traditional rules of brand logo usage. Xiaomi has also joined hands with Kenya Hara to design the Xiaomi Eco Bag with a new brand identity system.

Smart Electric Vehicle

Xiaomi Group filed a formal announcement with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in the afternoon of 3/30 announcing the official filing of the Smart Electric Vehicle project; Lei Jun, Chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, later announced the establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary for the Smart Electric Vehicle project, led by Lei Jun himself. The project will be developed with an initial investment of RMB 10 billion. Lei said at the press conference that Xiaomi has been investigating car manufacturing since 1/15 of this year, and that the smart electric car development will be the last time he leads the project.

AIoT Eco Products

The Mi Air Conditioner Premium Edition features a full DC inverter system with 1.5 hp of new Tier 1 energy efficiency, a 3D soft wind anti-direct blowing system, and a dual hybrid turbine system to create a dual experience of air conditioning fresh air; a built-in four-layer air purification system made of dual high-density filters, micron HEPA filters, and silver ion coating, with UV-C anti-bacteria technology and The UV-C anti-bacteria technology and high temperature self-cleaning function can remove bacteria and prevent the air from being polluted for the second time. The healthy breathing screen not only displays the temperature, but also the CO2 concentration, the number of fresh air filters, and the percentage of filter usage.

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