WiFi and BLE Bluetooth modules for IoT data transmission

As we all know, with the rapid and widespread application of artificial intelligence and the accelerated commercialization of 5G as the foundation of connectivity, the whole market has stood on the eve of the explosion of a new era of intelligent IoT. It can be seen that in this process, the intelligent IoT will show the deep integration of the virtual world and reality, whether in life, work, or business scenarios, everything connected through the IoT will be user-centric to provide intelligent services, which will also give rise to a huge market.

At the core of IoT are millions of devices that transmit data to a centralized system. The information contained in this data may be a variety of variables such as humidity, temperature, the location of the user, the movement of goods, etc. The information captured is then transferred to the cloud or to other devices (i.e., various “things”) for data exchange or analysis. This also means that the market demand for high performance, high quality IoT wireless modules will also show a growing trend.

Connectivity plays a critical role in successfully connecting devices, and there is a wide range of options: Wi-Fi, low-power Bluetooth (BLE), RFID, NFC, and more. Several factors are considered in our solution selection, including environmental factors (such as the presence of concrete, wood, and metal), sensor density, desired connection distance, and transmission speed. In this article, SKYLAB Jun shares several WiFi and BLE Bluetooth modules suitable for IoT data transmission.

Compared with other wireless connection methods, WiFi technology can be used as the glue of IoT to connect these devices. With the infinite proliferation of connected nodes, the coverage and total number of connected devices will also grow rapidly with it.

IOT WLAN WiFi Module WU106

WU106 is a 802.11 b / g / n compliant WiFi module with built-in on-board low power application processor, a low cost serial WiFi module that supports UART-WiFi-Ethernet data transfer.

ESP8266 Serial Transparent WiFi Module WG219

WG219 is a low-power, small form factor WiFi module based on the ESP8266 chip integrated with 802.11b/g/n wireless module standard, commonly used in serial UART data transmission applications.

The WG219 is optimized for enterprise, smart grid, home automation and control client applications and case specific less data sending and receiving control. the WiFi module WG219 also supports rapid program development applications for ultra-low power devices that have SW on-chip complete applications. This makes the WG219 an excellent choice for highly integrated, low-power automation and sensor solutions.

Based on market share estimates, Bluetooth will be used in 60% of wireless devices by 2021, while Bluetooth Low Power (BLE) will be used in 16% of devices. Most of the growth will occur in applications such as smart homes, beacons, connected homes and wearable devices.

BLE4.2/5.0 Bluetooth Module SKB369

SKB369 is a highly integrated Bluetooth 4.2 low power module designed for wireless 2.4GHz ISM high speed transmission! SKB369 supports ANT protocol.

The SKB369 is based on the Nordic nRF52832 and features a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4F CPU, flash memory, and analog and digital computer peripherals.The SKB369 is used in the wireless transmission industry for its low power consumption and low cost!

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