What light is used in the living room light strip? The role of the living room light strip and installation method to share

What light is used in the living room light strip? The role of the living room light strip and installation method to share

In our home decoration, many people pay more attention to the decoration of the living room. In the design of the living room lighting, there are many people want to do some auxiliary lighting, and some light strips, then exactly the living room ceiling to install light strips?

The role of living room lights with

1, the living room looks brighter. Although the main light in the living room has been able to illuminate the entire room, but in some places will still look a little gray, the whole room is not uniform light. Then we through the living room ceiling auxiliary light / strip decoration, so that the living room light better, look brighter.

2, local highlighting role. At the time of decoration, we may need local prominence, such as sofa backdrop or TV wall, then we need to use auxiliary lights to play shot, so that the decorative effect will be better, more able to highlight the sofa backdrop or TV wall decorative effect.

3, there is a positive impact on feng shui. From a feng shui point of view, if the living room light is not good, long-term, people will feel depressed, there will be a low mood. Then we need to ensure that the living room is well-lit when decorating the living room, if the natural light in the home is not good, then we need to use auxiliary lights to decorate.

Second, the disadvantages of living room lighting with

1, increased the cost of decoration. The installation of ceiling lights, will inevitably raise the cost of decoration, for families with a relatively small budget, there is still a certain amount of pressure.

2, the frequency of use of the light band is low. There may be many families before the decoration, will take into account the light or decorative effect, so the installation of the light band; but in the completion of the decoration of the life after moving in, the frequency of use of the light band is low, then it will cause a certain amount of waste.

Summing up.

So a comprehensive down, whether the living room ceiling to install light band, to take into account your decoration budget and the natural light factors of the family, if the natural light of the home is better, you can do without the installation of light band; decoration budget a little higher, you can simply do some light band design; but, remember, do not install too many auxiliary lights, or you will feel spent, the use of low frequency, will also cause a certain amount of waste .

Third, the living room with what light

Home decoration, lighting or generally is to create a warm and romantic atmosphere, it is best to warm light. It is best to match the tone of your home decoration better. In the choice of lights, try not to choose too much white light, according to their own feelings to choose, a small amount of some soft yellow light will make people feel comfortable staying at home, the color temperature can not be a big difference. In the choice of lamps and lanterns, do not want to be cheap, bad quality lights in addition to a big discount in performance, there are also hidden dangers in safety. General lighting in home decorating commonly used on three colors, white, yellow, blue. When the wall with beige, the ceiling with white, we recommend that customers led strip lights with white, because if the led strip lights with yellow, it is too warm, the wall is yellow, beige, although warm, but more will make people can not stand. Blue? It looks too jumpy with the inside, yellow and blue together will produce a green tendency, green is a horrible color is not suitable for use in the living room.

Fourth, the living room light installation method

1, LED strip lights for living room decoration, because it does not have to withstand the wind and rain, so the installation is very simple. To light rainbow electronic production of LED strip, for example, each LED strip behind the self-adhesive 3M double-sided adhesive, you can directly tear off the 3M double-sided adhesive surface of the sticker, and then the light strip fixed in the place where it needs to be installed, press the flat by hand on it. As for some places need to turn the corner or long how to do? Very simple, LED strip is a group of 3 LEDs as a series-parallel way to form a circuit structure, each 3 LEDs that can be cut off for individual use.

2, controller connection mode: LED running strip and RGB full-color strip need to use the controller to achieve the changing effect, and each controller control distance is not the same, in general, the simple controller control distance of 10 to 15 meters, the remote controller control distance of 15 to 20 meters, long can be controlled to 30 meters distance. If the LED strip is connected to a long distance, and the controller can not control that long strip, then you need to use a power amplifier to tap.

3, the specific steps first: before the installation of the strip pins plugged into the strip, pick up the strip power cord plugged into the strip has been plugged into the pin, with the power cord plugged into the socket to test whether the strip will light up, if not then either inserted backwards or not plugged into the right hole, if inserted backwards just pull out the strip power cord flip the direction and insert it. After the test light up the pin with the light and the light with the power cord with black tape to estimate the good. Cut the light with the power cord with the plug side, use a wire stripper to pluck the two lines inside to the light you want to install the reserved bit on the reserved zero fire line.