The main functions of smart home system_Characteristics of smart home system

The main functions of smart home system

1.Can connect to the Internet

The advantage of smart home intelligence is that it can receive external information by itself and automatically adjust the devices at home. For example, the control system automatically obtains the area location, time and weather information from the network, and adapts to adjust the light illumination of the lights in different weather and different time periods according to the above information. It can also network to obtain audio sources, support search and collection, recommend different song lists, synchronize the latest charts on the network, etc.

2. Remote access

The CEO kaiser of Baywatch Intelligence said, “Home intelligence is to be able to control everything in the user”s home at will, and to be able to change the settings more easily according to the changing needs of the user.” Home control should not only be limited to the home, but the user is thousands of miles away can still connect to the home gateway through the network to control. Remote access capability allows users to better experience being able to control everything in the home, such as lighting, curtains, TV and other devices with their cell phones.

3. Scalability

Users want to add a new room after installing a smart home, such as a study or fitness room, and then link this house to the automation network, which requires adding new devices now to the original smart home system, which requires the smart home system to have good scalability to support controlling additional rooms.

Manufacturers can support their two-way scalability by designing their systems into a common network language, such as open Internet protocols or offering wireless detachable products that can connect to wired products.

4. System functionality

Behind those black boxes is where the core of smart home technology lies, and software is the real force driving the smart home system. The more complex and elaborate the software is, the better the system will be to do more functions. Before purchasing any smart home system, users must pay attention to the system functionality provided by the manufacturer.

5、Many types of control

There are many ways to operate and control the smart home system, depending on family dynamics, budget and preferences, using a cell phone or using a wall-mounted wall control panel, by touching the colored icons inside the screen with your finger or sliding the iTouch control. Because most users like to experience a variety of operating methods, the more types of interfaces the better.

6. Multiple protection

Every user is curious whether the smart home system still works when the power is off. Furthermore, when the power is off and restarted, can the smart home system still control the electronic devices at home smoothly? If the smart home system has proper back protection, having it will not need to worry about these problems.

7. Flexibility

For manufacturers and construction, their efforts aim to make people”s life more comfortable with the smart home system, which requires continuous progress of manufacturers and construction. For users, when they put forward special requirements, if the construction side to you say “sorry, can not do.” It will be a big disappointment to consumers. A good smart home system provider will confidently say: “Icando.” This is not a promise but an attitude, the effect may not be satisfactory, but through unremitting efforts, sooner or later will certainly make consumers satisfied.

As a new type of field, he more in the important is the user experience and technical support of the manufacturer. Experience, communication in order to better discover the question raised, and solve the intelligent products. Only the new discovery of these key points and better communication with the user, then the product is not a problem, it will be possible to achieve the real intelligence of the home, the user really enjoy the benefits of the product.

The main function of smart home system_Characteristics of smart home system

Features of smart home system
As an integral part of making people more comfortable, safe, energy-saving and environment-friendly living environment, the features of smart home can be summarized as diversification of operation methods, provision of convenient services, meeting different needs, consistency of installation specifications and stability and reliability of the system.

1.Diversified operation methods

The operation mode of smart home is very diversified, it can be operated by intelligent touch screen, or by situational remote control, or by cell phone or tablet computer, and there is no limitation of time and space, so it can realize intelligent control of any equipment at any time and any place. For example, the lighting control can adjust the lighting of all rooms with a few presses of a button, the scenario function can realize various scenario modes, and the all-on, all-off function can realize the one-touch all-on and one-touch all-off functions of all lamps and lanterns, etc.

2. Provide convenient services

Smart home system should be designed according to the real needs of users to provide people with services closely related to daily life, such as lighting control, home appliance control, electric curtain control, anti-theft alarm, access control visual intercom, gas leakage safety hazards, etc. At the same time, value-added services such as three meter copy and video on demand can be expanded. As we know, the most basic goal of smart home is to provide people with a comfortable, safe, convenient and efficient living environment. Therefore, the most important thing for smart home products is to take practicality as the core, remove those flashy functions, and focus on practicality, ease of use and humanization.

3. Meet different needs

The function of smart home system has expandability, so it can meet the needs of different users. For example, initially, a user”s smart home system can only be connected with lighting equipment or common electrical devices, while with the development of smart home, it can also be connected with other devices in the future to adapt to new smart life needs. In order to meet the needs of different types, grades and styles of users, the control host of the smart home system can also be upgraded online and the control functions can be improved continuously. In addition to realizing intelligent lighting control, home appliance control, security alarm, door and window control and remote monitoring, other functions can be expanded, such as feeding pets, looking after the elderly and children, garden watering, etc.

Consistency of installation specifications

The smart switches and sockets of the smart home system have the same specifications as ordinary power switches and sockets, therefore, there is no need to destroy walls, re-wire or purchase new electrical equipment, which can directly replace the original wall switches and sockets, and the system can be fully connected with the existing electrical equipment in the user”s home, such as lamps, telephones and home appliances. Assuming that the new house is decorated with a two-wire smart switch, it is necessary to lay an extra zero wire to the switch. Another important feature of smart home products is that ordinary electricians can assemble the whole smart home system by looking at the simple manual.

4.Stable and reliable system

As the intelligent system of the whole building of smart home must ensure 24-hour operation, the security, stability and reliability of the smart home system must be given high priority to ensure that even in some cases of low or unstable Internet speed, the main functions of the smart home system are still not affected. For each subsystem, take corresponding fault-tolerant measures from power supply and system backup to ensure normal and safe use of the system, good performance and the ability to cope with various complex environmental changes.

The main functions of smart home system_Characteristics of smart home system

The role of smart home system

Smart home system is a kind of living environment for people, which is installed with smart home system as a platform to realize a safer, energy-saving, intelligent, convenient and comfortable family life. With the residence as the platform, the integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, intelligent home – system design program security prevention technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology will be home life related facilities integration, build efficient residential facilities and family schedule affairs management system, enhance home security, convenience, comfort, artistry, and to achieve environmental protection and energy saving living environment.

Smart home system allows you to enjoy your life easily. When you go out, you can remotely control your home intelligent systems by phone or computer, for example, turn on the air conditioner and water heater at home in advance on your way home; when you open the door at home, with the help of door magnet or infrared sensor, the system will automatically turn on the aisle light, turn on the electronic door lock at the same time, disarm the security, turn on the lighting fixtures and curtains at home to welcome your return; when you return home, you can conveniently control various electrical devices in the room with the remote control. Control various electrical equipment in the room, you can select the preset lighting scenes through the intelligent lighting system, create a comfortable quiet study when reading; create a romantic lighting atmosphere in the bedroom …… all this, the master can sit comfortably on the sofa and operate with ease, a controller can remote control everything at home, such as pulling the curtains, put water in the bath And automatic heating to adjust the water temperature, adjust the status of curtains, lighting, audio; kitchen is equipped with a video phone, you can cook while answering the phone or check the visitors at the door; when working in the company, the situation at home can also be displayed on the office computer or cell phone to check at any time; door machine with photo retention function, if there are visitors when no one is at home, the system will take a photo for you to come back to check.

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