The impact and changes brought by 5G to the smart home

At present, the fusion application of artificial intelligence, 5G and other cutting-edge technologies in smart home brings new development opportunities for the smart home industry.

At present, the integration and application of artificial intelligence, 5G and other cutting-edge technologies in smart home brings new development opportunities for the smart home industry. Driven by innovative technologies and emerging demands, the product form, application mode and industrial ecology of smart home will present new development trends.

Firstly, in terms of product form, the support of artificial intelligence technology will further enrich the application function of smart home devices, and more robots or life “assistants” equipped with artificial intelligence will be derived in the field of home services in the future, providing the public with a series of services such as children education, elderly companion, life assistant and health monitoring.

Secondly, in terms of application mode, smart home will pay more attention to product content and services, emphasizing “personalization” and “value-added services”. In terms of personalization, based on AI and big data technology to refine and accurately analyze customer needs, collect user data, and provide users with personalized and private customization services; in terms of value-added services, with hardware as the carrier, through services or content, increase the frequency of contact with users, bring longer user life cycle and generate more user value.

Finally, the new technologies of 5G, AI and IoT will become the technical basis for building smart home ecological connection, and the smart home industry will develop in the direction of more professional, more compatible and more practical, and the major platform vendors, equipment vendors and home appliance manufacturers will cooperate more closely to explore more new applications and new scenarios.

Specifically, 5G and AI will play an important role in the new life of smart home as a technology leader and innovative application.

The impact and change of 5G to smart home

As the country accelerates the construction of 5G network, 5G is comprehensive and multi-perspective for the empowerment of smart home appliances. Life in the era of smart home appliances will take on a whole new state.

With high speed and low latency, 5G is a very big upgrade for smart life. 5G not only means faster, more stable and higher definition, but also signals another wave of innovation opportunities coming out.

5G will not only change people”s home life, but also the entire process of the home industry, making the application of technology home more widespread. 5G era, the arrival of video surveillance equipment, higher clarity, lower latency, detection equipment will be faster response time.

5G makes home security access to smart buildings, smart communities, smart cities faster feet, providing a more stable and broad sense of security. At the same time, when 5G is fully applied to the home, home security will work with home products to form a complete home intelligence ecosystem, making home life safer, more convenient and more interactive.

When 5G is put into use, all smart products are networked using the operator”s platform, which breaks the brand barrier and is more consumer-friendly, while its stable and fast network transmission will also speed up the response speed of smart products, making the smart home life of everything connected gradually a reality.

The 5G network has become a hot topic in the field of science and technology, as a product that has not yet been put into use. 5G brings higher information transmission efficiency and more stable network connections, which can carry a larger number of devices to access, and the mission of network communication has shifted from meeting the communication between people to solving the interaction between people and things, and the interconnection of things. 3G has made WeChat, 4G has made short video, and the arrival of 5G will make IoT soar, and IoT and whole-house intelligence will be better applied.

It is foreseeable that through the 5G network, the time monitoring of intelligent security is smoother, the response speed of smart home is faster, and the way of running smart home products by building a platform with operators is also expected to break the existing brand barriers, realize the interconnection of cross-brand products, and make the smart home ecosystem take shape.

The impact and change of AI to smart home

The extensive landing of artificial intelligence technology in the smart home field has made consumers put forward higher requirements for single home appliances and pay more attention to the interactivity brought by whole-house smart home products. At the same time, when smart home products are integrated into daily life, the consumer market”s demand for true product interconnection and home whole-scene intelligence has become more prominent.

According to some of the latest data, the global artificial intelligence home furnishing market size has reached 25.7 billion U.S. dollars in 2017, and has grown to 26.9% from 2018 to 2023. Professionals speculate that in 2023 is expected to exceed 100 billion, there is the next 5 years artificial intelligence home furnishings market will continue to grow.

The purpose of artificial intelligence home furnishings is to bring people a comfortable home experience, so that people can return home with some ease.

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