The composition of intelligent life

In the environment of Internet of everything, it is not a big problem to build an intelligent and humanized smart home. Years ago, the beautiful picture of the future intelligent family life is gradually becoming a reality.

Today, smart life has become a new way of life based on the Internet platform. It is based on cloud computing technology, the distribution of cloud services, the integration of home contextual functions, the adoption of value-added services, the use of mainstream Internet communication channels, and a wealth of smart home terminals to bring a new way of life. This section will introduce several elements of smart life for readers.

Innovative physical games for entertainment life

The advancement of technology has made people”s life faster and faster. In the fast-paced life, people are easily tired physically and mentally, especially mentally. When it is difficult to release the constraint pressure given by the society, many people will choose the virtual world to release the pressure through games.

With the development of virtual reality and other technologies, if your games are still limited to PC-based online games or mobile games, you are out of date.
Traditional Internet games have many drawbacks, especially the adverse effects on the psychology and physiology of players are well known. So what innovations will be brought to home entertainment in the smart life of the Internet of Things era?

With the gradual improvement of mobile terminal functions, coupled with the combination with other intelligent hardware, the physical game has gradually entered the life of ordinary people and become an important part of family entertainment.
As the name implies, “body-sensitive games” are electronic games that use the body to sense. Body-sensitive games break through the previous operation method of simply using the joystick button input, is a new type of electronic games through body movement changes to operate.

Now, as long as you use your mobile terminal to connect through wireless network or Bluetooth, you can directly control the game. Through virtual reality technology, you can experience the unique perspective of the eagle flying in the sky. Or be in the court and play a basketball game with NBA stars, or experience the exotic scenery without leaving home.

A mobile application called “AIWI Sports Game” is a representative of this, and AIWI Sports Software can turn your smartphone into a professional software for sports game controller. After installing AIWI software on smartphones and computers, you can directly operate and control your computer through wireless connection, and enjoy playing games on AIWI”s physical game platform, which also provides a variety of homemade games for download.

It uses cell phones, tablets or dedicated gamepads as game control devices, and connects to game display terminals (such as smart TVs and laptops) via WiFi or personal hotspots to realize game control and bring different game experiences.

Care for Family Life

The accelerated pace of life makes young people tired of working and neglecting their families around them, and even leaving their hometowns to work, and more and more elderly people are living alone, lacking care and color.

With the development of technology such as video calls, the above situation has been improved, through the phone, not only can hear the voice, but also see the family. Even if they don”t say a word, parents will be satisfied by watching their children work through video in silence. With the development of mobile Internet of Things, perhaps in the future, through smart mobile terminals and smart hardware at home, it will be possible to give personal care to family members as if they were with their loved ones.

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