Smart Lights

As people”s living standards continue to improve, their requirements for quality of life are gradually rising. The emergence of smart homes has enabled many people to enjoy a quality life. Nowadays, people”s focus is placed on work, and less attention is paid to family life. To enjoy a comfortable home life, smart home cannot be ignored, and the use of advanced smart home devices can, to a certain extent, bring people the convenience of life, thus enhancing the quality of life they need.

Today we come to share with you the lighting control system inside the smart home. Lighting control design in home decoration has increasingly occupied a very important position in the home lighting design, lighting, light source selection and control design are very important, this decision will certainly affect the atmosphere of your later home scenes, smart home lighting control with the continuous development of technology, security and stability is increasingly high, support intelligent dimming, lighting humanization, environmental protection and energy saving, so as to create for the home A variety of light and shadow effects, making life more comfortable and beautiful.

Since Philips launched its intelligent wireless lighting system Hue, the market has also launched a number of wireless intelligent LED lights controlled by WIFI or Bluetooth lighting solutions. Without exception, users can control the LED lights on/off, brightness and color through the client installed in the cell phone.

Lighting intelligent control system is the intelligent control and management of lighting, compared with traditional lighting, it can mainly achieve timing control, one key control, automatic illumination adjustment control, regional scene control, motion detection control, emergency lighting control, cell phone remote control, voice control, the formation of automation, no manual manual operation. People no longer need to focus on its switch, and can achieve induction and scenario-based operation, which not only allows the light to better serve people, but also to a certain extent the reality of the energy-saving function.

Intelligent lighting control is part of the smart home system, although now intelligent lighting control is not as widely popular as ordinary lighting control, but this does not affect its future development, intelligent lighting many advantages determine its practical application with the ordinary family lighting distance will only get smaller and smaller, the future development of intelligent lighting will certainly be driven by the trend.