Smart Home Popularization

Many people may have browsed the world”s richest person Bill Gates” technology mansion online. This lakeside villa, which took 7 years to build, is a classic of today”s smart home, with harsh security system, intelligent lighting and temperature control system, super luxurious home theater, even the photo frames on the wall are touch screen, and it is not a problem to listen to music in the swimming pool and bathroom.

If it was ten years ago, mention the smart home, we will feel very distant. This technology has been relatively popular in foreign countries in the same period, but there was no market in the country at that time. There are at least two reasons, one is that the devices including home appliances and central air conditioning are not developed enough in the field of intelligent control; the second is that there are few people who know about smart home, and even fewer users, so that a sizeable market cannot be formed.

Control4, a world-renowned smart home system company, launched such a promo early: the owner was woken up in the morning by the alarm clock, the curtains automatically open; in doing breakfast on the desktop with a touch screen, you can do breakfast again while browsing the day”s news, or video chat with parents who are far away; children arrive home automatically send text messages to the phone; sleep at night with a key press, lights and curtains Automatically change ……

Time to 2021, Control4 depicts the prospect of smart home has basically been able to achieve in the country. In the pursuit of technological trends in the group, smart curtains, smart door locks, smart lighting systems, security systems and other smart homes have been more often used in large flat floors, villas and other buildings, compared with few people before 2010, the smart home market after 2020 ushered in its rapid development phase, but there is still a long way to go from the peak of development.

Nowadays, consumers, especially the young group of consumers, are willing to pay for smart home. Take the widely used smart curtain and smart lighting system as an example, if you buy lights and curtains normally, it also needs about 20,000 to 30,000 yuan, but if you add smart control, the price is only in the range of 50,000 to 60,000 yuan, which is basically within the range that these large flat and villa owners can afford. Compared to the renovation cost of hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, the extra tens of thousands of dollars of smart home can be ignored, but the convenience and enjoyment it brings is far beyond the price paid for it.

Take the currently commonly used 86 type wall gateway for example, it can basically collect four protocols of Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and RS485. By linking home appliances with different protocols through one gateway, it breaks the barriers between various protocols and realizes the true sense of interconnection of everything. A super smart panel, also an intelligent hub, combines the functions of different devices in one: smart gateway, smart switch, air conditioner panel, background music panel, AI voice speaker, etc. It can replace several smart single products with convenient operation and excellent interaction, truly realizing the intelligence and automation of the home and bringing a new home life experience.

It is already very simple to access the home central air conditioning to the smart home system, except for individual brands, basically all can access the smart home system. Even if you can”t, you can also install a centralized controller with a cell phone APP to control the home central air conditioning. The consumers who install smart curtain and smart lighting system are relatively less, according to the feedback of retail dealers who operate smart home business, one out of 10 families choose smart home system is good, the current trend is not too much, but the overall is a trend, their smart home business is growing steadily every year.

More and more retail dealers have joined the sales of smart home systems, from simple smart door locks to responsible smart curtains and smart lighting systems, retail dealers also need to pay a lot of tuition. Smart home system seems simple, but it is not. Without two or three years of groping, it is difficult for retail dealers to train a competent smart home system installation team. This is actually a reverse elimination process for retail dealers.

The reason why retail dealers with certain strength choose to enter the smart home system is simple, on the one hand, it can be paired with the home central air conditioning, heating, fresh air, water purification, intelligent door locks and other equipment sold by retail dealers to form a complete system; on the other hand, the competition in the home improvement retail market is getting fierce, and the profits of retail dealers are getting lower and lower, choosing to sell smart home system can, to a largely enhance the profitability of retail dealers. It can even be said that the current smart home system is still in the stage of profiteering, while the home improvement retail market is only marginally profitable.

With the application of 5G technology, it is obvious that the smart home system is about to embark on the fast track of development. The development of smart home system may be much faster than imagined, when some retail dealers are still stuck in the installation of a few units of home central air conditioning every day, the best of them may have completed the transformation and upgrading in the field of smart home. Rowing against the current, no progress is regression. The development of smart home system will inevitably also affect the channel pattern of home improvement retail market.

Smart home is not a new category or new thing, it is just another iteration of upgrading with the development of technology, the original functional products into intelligent products. Therefore, the smart home system manufacturers chosen by retail dealers are also very important. It competes with the smart home manufacturer”s organizational management ability of multi-channel flattening, as well as that manufacturer”s control of the development of smart home products and future trends. Under the background of consumer upgrading, facing the hundred billion market of smart home expanding rapidly, what retail dealers need to do is to choose better-looking, more humanized and better-used smart home products, do a good job of user service, maximize the value of products, so as to take the lead in the white-hot competition of home improvement retail market to get a breakthrough.

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