How to build your own Smart Home

How to build your own Smart Home

When you hear the word “smart home,” your mind may go in several different directions. From house alarms to Amazon voice control or automatic lighting, the smart home offers convenience and security, but of course, the smart home is also completely
personalizable, as it can be designed to suit your personal preferences, needs and budget.

A smart home, in general, starts with the user”s needs and ideas. Some users want to be “lazy” and start with convenience, such as automatic lighting, while others may be more concerned with security, so they will choose security alarms from the start. Either way, there is no right or wrong way to start your smart home customization; all choices are made from the user”s real needs, what is most important to their family and themselves.

First of all home intelligence devices need a home gateway, the role of the home gateway is to make the system and system, product and product synergistic with each other. As time goes by and your budget increases, you can always purchase additional smart home system products, such as smart door locks, lighting controllers, thermostats and cameras. This means they are compatible with existing smart products on the market without the need to purchase new devices over and over again to adapt.

Contemporary research on smart home system communication protocols has so far yielded some fruitful
The results include WI-FI, KNX, BLUETOOTH, Z1 GBEE and so on. And, these achievements have played an extremely important role in the development of smart home. However, with the development of the times and the diversification of people”s lifestyles, the traditional
Smart home system with excessively single function can no longer meet the needs of modern lifestyle.

Sometimes, wireless systems are the only option to retrofit old houses, depending on when the building was built and the state of the existing infrastructure.
condition. But in a new building, you have the freedom to wire your home or office, which is less expensive and more flexible.
When installing an intelligent system in a new building, stable operation is more important than the need for more wires, so that you can
to prevent problems before they occur.

Smart home wired system in addition to the current needs of the homeowner factors, more can be expanded with the development of technology in the future more intelligent
When conditions allow, a device to device wired connection is always the preferred option because it provides a more stable connection and a stable communication system, and sometimes the wired connection does not use WIFI, which eliminates problems such as slowing down other devices such as smartphones or tablets due to camera privacy leaks and the use of large amounts of wireless bandwidth.

For homeowners and renters, the imperative of security remains the first consideration for smart homes, with the push of a button or
voice command, the ability to automatically control items in the house (from window shades to pet feeders). Homeowners now have the ability to determine that they did in fact lock the back door or turn off the lights before leaving the house. This trend is taking security systems and transforming them
into “smart home” devices, and consumers are loving it. In addition to this having reliable indoor security cameras is the foundation of any good home security system.
The foundation of any good home security system. This trend allows homeowners to watch live video of their homes from their smartphones anytime, anywhere.


For example, cameras can be used to watch the pets in the house. Owners can monitor their animals and talk to them while they are away.
talking. This trend toward convenience gives homeowners greater peace of mind and may deter burglars. At the same time, geo-fencing can be thought of as acting as an
an invisible fence that acts as a virtual boundary. With it, parents can receive timely and appropriate notifications or alerts when their children return home from school.
Notifications or alerts. This trend also allows parents to create a “safe” zone where no one else is allowed to enter. When a loved one enters
or leaves the established zone, the geo-fence will send a motion alert to track their child”s movements. This is important for caring for an aging person who may be suffering from
This is also helpful for caring for aging parents who may have Alzheimer”s disease. Overall, this trend is making homes safer, smarter and more efficient.

Another trend is voice, as users increasingly want to use voice activation to control their devices. In addition, it is critical to have a designer make sure that the products you choose have voice recognition controls and that each product works together, which reduces the unnecessary extra steps of installing wiring. People love the convenience of saying, “Hey Alexa, let”s party,” and having the lights turn on a preset scene, unlock the door for guests, music start playing, landscape lighting, and more.

Building a smart home may sound a bit over the top and costly, but it”s not. When you”re building the smart home of your dreams, it”s crucial to work with an integrator or with a trained professional, because that will ensure that all the smart devices are running well in the most stable condition and allow you to enjoy the comfort and convenience that a smart home brings.

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