Buy smart home, what do we need to pay attention to

Should you buy smart home appliances? From the oven, you can use voice preheating to the refrigerator. When you go out, you can check what you have inside the refrigerator, and smart home appliances provide additional benefits. However, these intelligent functions worth buying extra money? What is smart home appliance? In addition to basic functions, smart home appliances are further further, such as smart refrigerators not only allow food to keep fresh, but smart ovens is not just simply cooking. Smart home appliances are becoming more efficient and autonomous, can communicate over the Internet, communicate with other networking devices such as Alexa, and diagnose faults or issues.

Allow users to remotely operate devices through applications and voice, and program efficiency upgrade (such as automatic water and cycle adjustment in the washing machine) allow users to reduce input (operation). The benefits of smart home appliances smart home appliances are convenient. When you are busy, you can simply say “Alexa, preheat the oven”. You can also use your mobile phone to check the dryer to dry your clothes, and check what you have inside the refrigerator, or let the robotic cleaner clean your hygiene.

Many devices are self-diagnosed when there is a failure, which is very useful. Improve efficiency is another benefit that owners can clean and dry clothes faster, while saving water and electricity. Smart electrical appliances for cooking, such as rice cookers, stress pots and ovens, usually with applications that help cook. Finally, this has a cool factor, which is when there is a guest, it is possible to say “ok google” and control home appliances, should let the owner show off in front of the guests. The shortcomings of smart home appliances When the smart home appliances have appeared for the first time, most people are shocked and confused. “Wow! This refrigerator can also connect to the network!”

However, after a period of time, we realized that these smart devices are only some equipment with additional functions, we are not so fascinated by them, and want to know “What can they do?” Many of the shortcomings of smart home appliances are concentrated in their limitations Sex and cost. Some functions of smart home appliances are not practical (at least not currently not practical), so the additional cost of these features may not be worth it for price-sensitive users. Smart washing machines and dryers are a good example. You can start the smart washing machine and dryer remotely, but you still need to put the dirty clothes, so why don”t you start when you put your clothes? In addition, the dryer still can”t overlay your clothes. In addition, when many non-smart washing machines provide similar efficiency (energy efficiency and fast cycle functions), is it worth paying extra charge for the network connection function of the washing machine? Should you purchase smart home appliances in 2019? This depends on the device type, price and personal preferences.

Everyone must evaluate the value and price of smart home appliances when deciding whether to buy smart home appliances. For some smart home appliances, its value is obvious. For example, smart ovens and smart refrigerators (such as LG refrigerators) are very useful because smart features are very practical. However, for washing machines, dryers and dishwashers, you may not want to pay too much extra charge for “intelligence” because the current network connection function is not too much to you. For robotic vacuum cleaners, intelligent features are usually preferred. Once there is a vacuum cleaner that can use voice control, then you really can”t leave it.

What is the future of smart home appliances?

According to the data released by Juniper Research, the price of smart appliances is expected to fall by 52% between 2018 and 2023. We can also expect that we now think that advanced intelligence will become normal, and the price of these features will tend to be smooth. (Now this happens, we have seen the price of smart vacuum cleaners is decreasing, and it has functions such as maps and Wi-Fi connections, and we have seen more and more washing machines with Automatically set the water temperature and speed sensor. Smart home appliances may continue to provide more features with lower prices, we may also see more practical features (or even dryers that can be folded). In the future For a few years, you may have more products that can add intelligent features for existing non-smart devices.

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