Application of radar induction module in smart home

In life, it is an important function of smart home and intelligent life through the radar sensor to detect the house in the house.

Intelligent toilet is detected by the human body; smart kitchen, smart light control, intelligent air conditioning, intelligent robot through the human body induction detection startup work, in the intelligent era, almost all intelligent technology around people, the human body exists The accuracy of induction technology is particularly important.

Doppler microwave induction radar is 5.8GHz, 10GHz, 24GHz; its principle is to use Doppler principle, there is a moving object into the induction range, which will change the radar signal waveform, which triggers the radar sensor action; It can penetrate the hidden installation of plastics, more beautiful.

At present, people often hear an infrared sensing of the application, using the thermal release electrical infrared induction principle, by collecting infrared energy change triggers, affected by the ambient temperature.

When the ambient temperature in the summer is close to the human body temperature, people enter the induction range without infrared energy, so in summer, the human body induces is not sensitive. The environmental temperature is relatively large, and the infrared probe needs to be exposed, and the overall and beautiful view of the product is not high.

Radar sensor is a single-on-one integrated antenna radar sensor, and the radar sensor chip has self-transceiving antennas. It can also be flexibly designed with additional lens antenna according to customer needs. It can be powered, suitable for intelligent wear, mobile equipment, smart home, Internet of Things, etc. Scenes.

It can be used to penetrate the plastic shell to hide the installation, more beautiful; the breathing heartbeat to the human body can be detected, and people who sleep or sleep can be detected. Radar has induction modules with small size, easy to embed, programmable, etc., here is introduced to a radar module that is induced by human breathing heartbeat:

Fei Rui Technology FR58L4M32-7060D (a) microwave induction sensor module, using Doppler principle, transmit high-frequency electromagnetic wave through the antenna and receives the process reflected wave, and determine the movement of the object within the coverage, the respective electrical signal is given.

The human body micro-motion and respiratory signal can be detected, and the living detection in human motion and stationary state is realized, and there is induction. Widely used in smart home, wisdom lighting, smart security, intelligent induction switch, smart bathroom, etc.

Microwave sensor detection uses a precise human activity monitoring algorithm, adaptive frequency modulation and linear cutting technology integration, high level integrated circuit processing, embedding microwave induction antenna. Radar sensor integrated circuit composition, small size, low power consumption, online programmable function, microwave radar technology analysis application, solve the problem of intelligent home sensor is not sensitive, not accurate, misunderstanding.

FR58L4M32-7060D (a) Radar module, integrated high performance 32 is MCU, powerful, enhanced algorithm, strong extension, and is suitable for high performance requirements. The person in the response scene is moved, tiny action, breathing heartbeat and other activities, high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability.

The radar sensor utilizes Doppler effect principle, independently developing a planar antenna emission receiving circuit, intelligent detection surrounding electromagnetic environments, automatically adjusts the working state, triggered by objects, when the object enters the sensing range, appearing related scene functions; Set the delay control to achieve the effect of intelligent power saving.

Radar sensing distance is far (up to 5-8 m) adjustable, wide angle, no dead zone, can penetrate glass and thin wooden board, depending on the power, can penetrate the wall of different thicknesses, no environment, temperature, dust The induction distance will not be shortened. Radar sense module application, help intelligent life!

Through the above radar induction technology, we can quickly understand the efficient and convenientness of radar induction technology applications, let us look forward to more intelligent products to provide convenience for our lives.

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